How works for a Writer

Create a Profile

The first step to begin placing bids on writing gigs is to create a profile. This is where you will upload your resume, writing samples, and set your rate per word. You will also include a summary of your experience and areas of expertise. Once you have created your profile, take some time to browse the available projects and get a feel for the types of gigs that are out there.


Find A Job Opening

Once you have created a profile with your previous work examples and work details, you can begin looking and applying for writer's jobs. When you first go to the homepage, you will see a list of job postings that are available. The jobs range from blog posts and articles to essay writing and homework help. Use Pay Per Words platform to sort these jobs by specialty, word count, rate of pay, and more.


Send Your Applications

Once you click apply, it will bring you to a submission form. You are required to fill out your details, and the client will be able to view your full work history and profile! If you have additional previous work you would like to attach, simply select the "Upload" option, and attach it with your application.

You can also send in any questions through this form. For example, if there is a certain format needed for the writing or what your deadline is, be sure to ask so everything goes smoothly with delivering on time and up to expectations and receiving your payment.


Create High-Quality Writing

Once the customer reviews your application, you will get a prompt if your application has been selected. Congrats, you're hired and ready to start writing. The customer can provide specific instructions such as the formatting and length of content needed. Just make sure everything is in order, so no complications occur with payment!


Get Paid After Content Review

After the customer receives your content, they will review it and then release payment to you accordingly. You may be asked to do revisions if the customer wants changes in your work. Pay Per Word does hold your job payment in escrow as you complete the work. Never worry about not getting paid again! Once you have gotten paid, congratulations! It's time to find another job opening and repeat these steps all over again.