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Business Case Study

See how businesses are utilizing to connect with writers already using AI-Assisted Writing Tools directly instead of dealing with marketing companies that overcharge for writing services they outsource to someone else!

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Facts & Questions

1. What is is a platform that connects businesses with freelance writers who are utilizing AI-assisted writing tools. This allows businesses to get the benefits of AI in their workflow without having to invest in the technology themselves.

2. How does work?

After creating an account, businesses can post their writing projects on the job board. Freelance writers can then apply to these projects with their portfolios visible in their profiles along with other key info like rate per word and ratings and reviews.  Once a proposal is accepted, the writer will begin the project and submit it for review upon completion. Once the client has reviewed and approved the work, they release the agreed amount of funds and the transaction is complete.

3. What are the benefits of using

For businesses, the benefits of using include access to a large pool of qualified freelance writers who are already utilizing AI-assisted writing tools, as well as the ability to track and compare candidates, or segment them by categories like industry specialty .  For freelance writers, the benefits include exposure to new businesses, fair compensation for their work, and the ability to build a portfolio of successful projects, access to new pipelines of clients, and the increased earning power associated with the use of AI writing tools.

4 . What does charge freelance writers? charges any freelance writer or client who signs up for the platform and completes a project a service charge of 20%.

5. How will help me find work?

Once you have registered and created a profile, you will be able to apply for jobs that are posted on the job board. We recommend that you include as much information about your skills and experience in your profile as possible so that potential clients can get a sense of what you can offer them. You can also search for jobs based on specific criteria like industry, skill set, rate of pay or location.

6. What if I am not comfortable using AI-assisted writing tools?

That's perfectly okay! Not all freelance writers are utilizing AI-assisted writing tools and that's totally fine. You can still apply for jobs that do not require the use of such tools.

7. What if I have more questions?

If you have any other questions about, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help at [email protected]