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Closers Copy feels like it has had a huge upwing in momentum as of late. With a new SEO feature similar to Surfer SEO and a constantly growing framework list to choose from, this is another tool whose quality is continuously improving. Like Jasper, Closers Copy has a very active online community where you can learn the latest tips, tricks, and frameworks to enhance your user experience.

With a one-time lifetime payment  deal, it is impressive to see Closers Copy shipping new features at such an impressive rate. As a result, countless freelance writers have saved enough money to buy a Closers Copy, and get daily use out of it to improve the speed and quality of their writing.

Price 4.7
Output Quality 4.5
Ease of Use / Interface 4.3

Review Overview

Unlike our comparative reviews, we won't be comparing Closers Copy against any other tools in this individual AI-Writing Tool Review. Our sole focus is to objectively identify the tools strengths and optimal use cases to help writers achieve the best performance. This is a totally unbiased resource to help you decide whether this tool is for you or not. If you would like to view our comparative reviews, click the link below.

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We understand copywriting is a complex and challenging task for many businesses. Copywriting enthusiasts can understand that creating copy that converts is more than just a catchy description. It can be time-consuming and frustrating to develop new types of content that speak to your audience and drives conversions. You would be all ears if there were a way to automate and streamline this process, right?

Well, that's exactly what ClosersCopy does - to create the type of quality content your business deserves. Therefore, we have created this review to provide you with an in-depth look at this content generation tool so that you will know everything there is to know about it and how it can benefit your business.

What is ClosersCopy? 

ClosersCopy is a powerful tool that creates compelling long-form copy quickly for any purpose. It features a library of ready-to-use templates to help you write high-quality content for your audience. With this ai writing software, you can save time and money when creating content and blog posts for your website and social media accounts.


ClosersCopy also provides several advanced features to help you create different types of content with a clean user interface and a vast library of templates. These include an AI-powered text generator that can generate content on the fly, a drag-and-drop editor, and a fill-in-the-blanks template system. Both professional copywriters and complete beginners can find something in this copywriting software to help kickstart the writing process.

There are a lot of features inside ClosersCopy, and there is plenty for you to learn about copywriting if you use it. But we want to highlight the three unique AI algorithms offered by ClosersCopy.

  • Sales AI - This robust algorithm is designed for writing long-form copy sales pages. You can use it to create high-converting sales pages in minutes.
  • Blog AI - This algorithm is perfect for quickly creating engaging blog posts. You can write articles and blog posts that connect with your audience and drive traffic back to your website.
  • Story AI - If you need to create social media content or landing page copy, Story AI is the perfect tool for you. With this algorithm, you can easily create engaging content and compelling stories for your audience and get them to take action

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Who should use Closers Copy?

If you are a professional content writer, copywriter, or marketer, then ClosersCopy may be an amazing product for you. It will help you write better copy faster. However, even the most inexperienced can sound like an expert copywriter creating high-quality copy in seconds thanks to this tool!

ClosersCopy has different subscription plans for different users. Let's look at some of the most popular options:

The Power plan

$49.99 per month or $419.90 per year

Copywriting requires a wide range of skills, and this bundle provides everything that budding copywriters need to get started. In addition, you have access to 300 AI runs and 50 SEO audits per month, with two available seats.

The Superpower plan

$79.99 per month or $671.90 per year

Everything included in this bundle is identical to that offered in the Power package. On top of it, you have unlimited AI writing, SEO audits, and updates. You also have three available seats. 

The Superpower Squad plan

$99.99 per month or $839.90 per year

Depending on what you want to use this tool for or how much content you plan to create, you can choose the pricing plan that best suits your needs. You can choose a monthly subscription or you can be billed annually. We recommend choosing the Super Squad yearly plan if you intend to use this tool for your business, as it gives you the most features and flexibility.

Lifetime Plans for Superheroes


Every tool has its own set of pros and cons, and ClosersCopy is no different - even with its advanced features. This section will look at some of the key advantages and disadvantages of using this AI-powered copywriting tool.


  • User-friendly user interface

  • 300+ frameworks and workflows

  • Uses its propriety AI tool

  • Wide range of features and built-in templates.

  • Supports 127 languages

  • 14-day money-back guarantee


  • Does not offer a free trial.

  • Lacks plagiarism checker

  • Need to edit long-form copy or entire article after generation
Is ClosersCopy free?

No, ClosersCopy is a subscription-based service, and you will need to choose a plan that works for your unique needs. However, all plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can give it a try risk-free.

Is ClosersCopy worth it?

Whether this copywriting software is worth the price depends on your specific needs. Some users may find that this powerful tool provides everything, while others may prefer more advanced copywriting options. If you want a long-form copy or effective product descriptions, ClosersCopy could be the best copywriting software for you. Ultimately, the best way to determine whether ClosersCopy is right for your unique writing process is to try it out.

How Does ClosersCopy Work?

ClosersCopy's UI is reminiscent of a Google Doc. There is a blank page with two panels with the writing features. Since it's a cloud-based app, you can access your copywriting tool anywhere.


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